Neumi FAQs

Why glutathione? Glutathione performs many functions critical to optimal health and performance and is the body’s master antioxidant. Gutathione is a critical detoxifier of the cell and a primary protector of immune cells and immune function. Learn more about glutathione’s critical role with immune cells, their protection, and their reproduction by searching “glutathione and immune cells” (or immune function or immune system).

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What should I be feeling? You know your body better than anyone; some people feel better after one dosage, some people take up to two weeks before they notice any difference. There is a cumulative effect in taking NutriSwish. If you do not feel any difference in your energy levels, physical output, etc., pay attention to your sleeping patterns. Glutathione is known to aid in your body’s sleep process.

What is the best time to take NutriSwish? Anytime you are feeling run down – morning, evening, or night. There is no wrong time to take this product. It does not contain stimulants and will not keep you up at night.

What if I do not feel results? If you do not feel any results, we recommend upping the servings you are taking, and take the product at least two weeks consistently before requesting a refund.

Do I need to refrigerate my Swish? No, NutriSwish can be kept at room temperature.

How long does a bottle last? A bottle has 30 servings and is expected to last about 30 days. Athletes or people with specific needs may take more than one to two servings per day.

Will my body grow dependent on this supplement? Your body needs glutathione to survive, just like it needs water. Your body will always crave more glutathione. Taking NutriSwish will not stop your body from producing its own glutathione; Neumi has included glutathione pre-curser L-Cysteine to aid your body’s production of glutathione, as well as having actual glutathione in Neumi’s products.

Why does NutriSwish work faster than traditional supplements? Due to the nature of Neumi’s breakthrough proprietary technology, their ingredients can be rapidly absorbed and utilized. Nano-sizing increases surface area on the cell, making it more bioavailable.

How often should I spray my face with Neumi Skin? You can spray your face as often as you would like, but we recommend morning and night at a minimum.

Can I spray over makeup? Yes, the effectiveness of the product will not be hindered by makeup. We recommend not spraying too close to the face to prevent your makeup from running.

Can I use it with other products? Yes, Neumi Skin can be a great addition to your already amazing skin care routine.

What makes Neumi Skin so special? We have nano-sized the top ingredients used in the beauty field to increase their absorption and effectiveness. With Neumi Skin, you can have collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other skin enhancing peptides absorbed into all layers of your skin, giving you incredible results.

Posted by Paul Shala Neumi Rep