8 Free Ways to Advertise Your Products and Services

It’s easy to see the value of traditional forms of advertising, like TV commercials and radio spots, when you’re spending thousands of dollars each month to reach your target audience.

But what if your business doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend every month? What do you do then? Well, you could use one of the many free ways to advertise your products and services instead.

1) Participate in Giveaways

Participating in giveaways can be a great way to advertise your product or service for free!
You can find giveaways on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and newsletters. Consider joining a giveaway where you are giving something away in exchange for contact information.

You might also consider creating your own giveaway by offering a free product or service in exchange for an email address. A giveaway is also great for building excitement about the launch of new products and services.

Be sure to share your participation on social media with hashtags like #giveaway #giftguide #freebiefriday so that people know how they can enter too!

2) Posting free classified ads

Putting up free classified ads is a great way to get your products in front of people. You can use sites like BestFreeClassifiedAds, Craigslist, Backpage, or Kijiji as a platform for posting your ads. Also, you can post links to your website on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. This will allow you to build a following of potential customers who are interested in what you’re selling.

But if the thought of putting up an ad makes you cringe, just remember that there are other ways that don’t cost anything at all. These include

3) Create Incentives

Offering incentives will help you get more customers. It does not have to be anything big, like discounts or free shipping. It could be as simple as a thank you note for a purchase or sending someone a coupon code for their next purchase. As long as it feels genuine, people will appreciate it.

4) Write a Press Release

Newsletters are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. They are easy to put together, they have a huge reach, and they can be shared in a variety of ways.

Newsletters should be sent at least monthly, if not weekly or biweekly. The key is consistency. You don’t want people to forget about you!

  1. Join email marketing listservs on sites like Linkedin or Facebook that have subscribers related to your industry.
  2. Create an email list with Mailchimp (or another service). Make sure you include a signup form on your website so you can compile an email list as well. After doing this for a couple of months, make it clear what you will offer them in return for their time: tips and tricks, deals/discounts, etc.
  3. Use social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn groups – use these platforms to create ads for your products and services (and provide links back to your website).
  4. Submit articles to local newspapers when applicable.
  5. Participate in forums related to your company’s niche.
  6. Build relationships with journalists by providing them with inside information on trends within your industry – they may end up promoting you without even knowing it!
  7. Post videos of yourself speaking on YouTube
  8. Give out free samples at events

5) Offer Discount Codes

Newsletters are a great way to get your product or service in front of new customers. You can send them out at any time, but they work best when you’re launching a new product or service.

Send newsletters to your current customers, as well as the people who have subscribed to your email list. You can also offer discounts on future products or services if people sign up for the newsletter.

6) Send Out Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers. With newsletters, you can promote new products, discounts, and more. To get started, check out Mailchimp. It’s free for upmarket users.

7) Join an Online Community

One of the best ways to advertise your business is by doing a testimonial video. This is where you ask happy customers or people who use your products what they think about them. You then film the customer talking about their experience with you.

This can be done using an iPhone or any other smartphone that has a camera, so it’s not as expensive as it used to be. The video can then be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, or even uploaded on your company website for potential customers to watch.

8) Do a Testimonial Video

I’m a small business owner who started my company with a few thousand dollars. I have always been an expert at getting deals, so it never made sense for me to spend money on advertising when there are so many other ways out there that are free!

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