Stop Kidding Yourself! The Raw Truth About Success in Network Marketing

Stop Kidding Yourself! The Raw Truth About Success in Network Marketing

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), often promises financial freedom and the ability to be your own boss. However, the reality is that success in this field is much more complex and challenging than it appears. Here’s the raw truth about what it takes to succeed in network marketing:

1. High Failure Rate

The vast majority of people who join network marketing ventures do not succeed. Studies show that around 99% of participants in MLMs lose money or make negligible profits. This high failure rate is a stark contrast to the success stories often highlighted by MLM companies.

2. Persistent Hard Work

Success in network marketing requires relentless effort. Unlike traditional jobs where you have a steady paycheck, MLMs demand continuous recruitment and sales to generate income. Many people underestimate the time, energy, and persistence required to build and maintain a network.

3. Sales Skills are Crucial

To thrive in network marketing, strong sales skills are essential. This includes not only the ability to sell products but also to recruit and motivate a downline. Many people join MLMs without prior sales experience, which can hinder their success.

4. Building Relationships

Network marketing relies heavily on personal relationships. Success often depends on leveraging your personal network, which can strain friendships and family ties. Building and maintaining these relationships professionally is a critical skill that can be difficult to master.

5. Misleading Income Claims

Many MLMs entice potential recruits with promises of high earnings. However, these claims are often misleading. The income of top earners is usually highlighted, while the majority who earn little or nothing are not. Realistic income expectations are necessary to avoid disillusionment.

6. Market Saturation

As more people join an MLM, the market can become saturated. This makes it increasingly difficult to find new recruits and customers. Early joiners often have an advantage, while those who join later may struggle more.

7. Legal and Ethical Concerns

Some network marketing companies operate on the fringes of legality, resembling pyramid schemes more than legitimate businesses. It’s crucial to thoroughly research a company’s business model and legal standing before joining to avoid legal issues and ethical dilemmas.

8. Product Viability

Success depends not only on the business model but also on the products themselves. If the products are overpriced, of low quality, or unnecessary, selling them will be challenging. It’s important to believe in the products you’re selling to maintain credibility.

9. Personal Development

Many network marketing companies emphasize personal development. While this can be beneficial, it’s important to distinguish between valuable training and motivational hype. Investing in genuine skill development is more likely to contribute to long-term success.

10. Support System

Having a strong support system, including mentorship and training from successful network marketers, can make a significant difference. However, the quality of support varies greatly between companies and upline sponsors. Seek out those who provide genuine, practical guidance.


While network marketing offers the potential for financial success, it is not a guaranteed path to wealth. It demands significant effort, strategic thinking, and realistic expectations. By understanding these harsh truths, you can better navigate the challenges of network marketing and make informed decisions about your participation in this business model.

Posted by Paul Shala Neumi Rep

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