THEPROBLEM Of Glutathione Supplementation

THEPROBLEM Of Glutathione Supplementation•

Fragile⚬Glutathione is too fragile to survive the digestive tract, making it nearlyimpossible to absorb through supplements, until now.Neumiwraps theiringredients in water clusters for protection and instant absorption, so thattheir supplements are absorbed before they make it to the stomach.• Molecule Size⚬

The molecules in many glutathione supplements are too large to beabsorbed by the cell, so they get excreted from the body without beingused effectively. Neumi’snanosized ingredients are small enough to befully absorbed into the human cell.

• Short Half Life⚬Glutathione has a very short half life. Instead of spending hundreds ofdollars on glutathione IVs to momentarily increase your glutathionelevels, you can now have increased glutathione EVERY DAY thanks toNeumi’sproprietaryHydraStat™ Nano-Technology

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