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Steven K. Scott

Steve Scott has spent his whole life searching for breakthrough products, purchasing the rights to those products, and marketing them on TV. Over the years, Steve has generated over 4 billion dollars in revenue. Some of his projects included Total Gym, Deal-A-Meal, Hair Care with Cher, and much more. Steve’s success rate dwarfed anyone in infomercial history, and one of his strategies is to only market breakthrough products.

After working for 30 years in the health & beauty industries. Steve was ready to retire until he found what he called “the biggest breakthrough of his entire life”. Steve decided to come out of retirement to share this breakthrough with the world.

Postet by Paul Shala I Rep For Neumi 

Paul is about to launch something amazing. The launch is in 90 days however, right now he is putting together an inner circle of people that are going to take part in this project. If the video piques your interest and you see the vision of this launch, which we believe will be extremely profitable for its members, we invite you to apply for membership in this inner circle. To answer your questions and see if you qualify, contact us for the details. There is no obligation on either of our parts.

Reach out to Paul via email at to explore the possibilities.

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