Why Neumi by Paul Shala

Why Neumi by Paul Shala

A New You Starts With: Glutathione

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant that impacts nearly every function in your body. It detoxifies your body’s cells and it also recycles itself to increase the effectiveness of other antioxidants (Vitamins C, D, etc). Glutathione is one of the most studied molecules in the world with over165,000 studies on PubMed*compared to vitamin c with 69,000 studies. *PubMed® comprises more than 33 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. View PubMed studies on Glutathione.

HydraStat™ Since the 1800’s, supplemental delivery methods have essentially stayed the same, through capsules and powders. Nothing is wrong with this form, just like nothing was wrong with listening to music on a record player. Neumi uses breakthrough nanotechnology (breaking large particles down) to increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of all its products.

About Paul Shala

Paul Shala is a devoted family man residing in Florida since 1996. With a rich entrepreneurial history dating back to 1980, Paul began his journey with a taxi cab company and two real estate offices, owning a portfolio of multi-unit real estate investments in New York.

In 1990, Paul transitioned into the Network Marketing & Wellness Industry, becoming a Founding Member in two of the fastest-growing Network Marketing companies. His commitment and expertise led him to achieve Million Dollar Producer status. In 2001, Paul launched his own Private Label Nutritional and Skincare Network Marketing Company, earning him recognition in national publications such as

“Your Business at Home” and the “Ocala Star Banner Business Journal.“Paul’s passion lies in empowering individuals to diversify their income streams and attain residual income without compromising their current commitments.

As an experienced industry veteran, he offers the opportunity for direct collaboration to those open and ready to embrace positive changes. Reach out to Paul via email at shalasuccess@gmail.com to explore the possibilities. http://usaplanb.com

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