Are Classified Websites Still a thing or a No-Show?

Classifieds were, at once, the best example of print media advertising. Our English grammar was judged based on the classifieds we wrote in the school. Hence, there was a time when newspapers had separate columns for top-ranked classifieds, which they still have.

Adding to this, classifieds are not dead, it’s getting smarter. Although, classifieds advertising is the underrated form of digital media. With the emergence of online advertising, companies like Google, Facebook are launching their tools and products constantly. However, classifieds have paved the way out of newspapers and stepped into the digital world. Let’s throw light on are classifieds websites still a thing or a non-show?

Classifieds in the Modern world

With the online media, classifieds are not, at this point, limited to magazines and papers, yet additionally on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and so on. There are authentic sites that arrange in posting classifieds promotions for different items and administrations. Classifieds can be set up for a task posting, selling a property, marriage advertisement, eulogy, business necessity, or administration. They also help in selecting products and services that customers are interested in.

The classifieds market saw a drastic shift in digital form when OLX and Quikr started focusing on the Indian market in 2008. Both the companies start stretching their hands-on advertising, especially on television. With this shift, various websites were launched that authentically involved classifieds posting.

The online classifieds work on the network effect principle. It favors the winner. This is the reason why buying and selling supremacy was initiated with the release of online classifieds. If you have more buyers, automatically you get more sellers.

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