Classified websites are still a thing in the modern world

Classified websites are still a thing in the modern world

The era of online classifieds has arrived. Websites selling their ads are now gaining marginal profit from buying and selling products. Globally the profit of classified ads is based on premium listings and display ads. They help in promoting the product and benefit from the per paisa click. The Google- KPMG report suggested that the Indian digital classifieds market will hit $1.2bn by 2020. Due to high demand in e-services, real estate, and automobiles, digital classifieds will experience potential growth by the end of 2020.

Classified websites are working on optimizing their online presence to boom their market by double profit by the end of 2022. However, horizontal classifieds websites can capture about 30% market share of total digital classifieds in 2020. Classifieds are gaining more popularity every day due to their digital presence. Classifieds are also a great way to boost your local marketing by increasing optimized advertising units.

Selling Beyond Local Reach

Now that the potential of the classified market has been exposed and understood well by you, the answer to your query of extending the market for your products beyond a local range becomes obvious!

If you’re a merchant who is willing to sell online, by entering the world of classifieds, you longer need to rely on online auction websites or stores. Instead, make the most of the classified websites to reach an even wider audience and get sales more than you can ever anticipate from the local market.

You just got to post the details of your products, uploading pictures, videos portraying real-life uses of your products which will attract customers. Easy, right? It is but here’s the tricky part:

Detailing your product is easy, difficult is to find the right niche and categories where your ads can potentially do well and draw sales for you. Some advertising categories are pure gold where big money is involved. Indeed, you’ll be paying an extra amount for displaying your ads on such categories but then sales would neutralize this extra load.

Secondly, target the right niche to display your ads. Try displaying your ads on the pages relevant to your product/service. This cuts down the flow of irrelevant clicks ultimately narrowing your circle of outgoing money.

The best part about classified sites is that your ads are visible globally to your audience, and the possibility is you could sell even when you’re asleep!

I am sharing a few quick tips to make the most of the classified sites limiting the spending amount:

1. Post your ads on weekends, as classifieds experience the most traffic on the weekends looking for the desired products they want to buy.

2. Picking up the right category is the most crucial step. Do not miss on that. Try not to make a wild guess and find the right category after researching well.

3. Describe your products well with striking images and a catchy yet real description along with your contact details.

4. Now price your products with realistic costs and precisely specify the mode of payment.


The internet era has considerably changed our lives for the good and the increasing possibility of making a huge income is one of the finest things that came along. Classified websites are genuinely a great source of income which, with increasing popularity, raised the income curve up along with making online advertising affordable to any business.

With the websites like Quickr, OLX, Vivastreet, etc. that have unique visitors every month from around the world, you can earn potentially better without spending much on classified websites. All you need to have a hold on is your patience and dedication to extract the desired results.

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