Climb The Tree! By Debbie Budesky

Climb The Tree! By Debbie Budesky


“He who would have fruit must first climb the tree.” — Thomas Fuller

Climb the Tree? What the heck kind of name is THAT for an article,

much less a business???

Well, it’s simple really. This quote sums up my philosophy about life

in general. But more specifically, it exemplifies my sincere belief

that we sometimes have to be willing to “go out on a limb” in order to

get what we want out of life — and this applies to our personal lives

as well as our professional lives.

In order to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves, we have to

take some chances. Risks. OUCH!!! There’s a word most of us hate. But

there’s no getting around it. Everything worth having in life involves

some element of risk.

Whether you’re pursuing a romantic relationship, trying to secure a

mortgage on a new home, looking to advance in your current job,

seeking a career change, or thinking about starting your own business

— all of these goals involve some level of risk.

“What if he/she doesn’t like me?”

“What if they don’t think I’m qualified for the job?”

“What if my new business fails?”

WHAT IF??? What normal person wouldn’t ask him- or herself these

questions when facing a potentially life-changing situation? We all

do, as we contemplate changes that we hope will better our lives.

BUT — the difference between those of us who succeed and those who

don’t is that those who succeed take chances. They take risks.

Hopefully, these are calculated risks taken after careful research and

consideration, but they’re risks nonetheless.

“Climbing the Tree” means not only taking risks, but being prepared to

put forth the EFFORT needed in order to attain the goal. It means

making a COMMITMENT to do the work and put in the time necessary to

reach the “fruit” at the top of the tree.

I know you’ve probably seen all the scams out there.

“Make a Million Dollars By Next Week” scams are all over the Internet

and they’re a dime a dozen. I’ve seen hundreds of these things land in

my own email box, and I’m not ashamed to tell you that over the years

I have actually fallen for a couple of them.

I am here to tell you — there is no overnight road to success.

Anybody to who tries to sell you a get-rich-overnight-with-no-effort

scheme is just plain lying. Yes, you CAN make money with your own

business online. With some effort, time, commitment and a plan you can

achieve everything you’ve dreamed of. Learn from your mistakes and

keep moving forward.

As Conrad Hilton once said, “Successful people keep moving. They make

mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

Don’t quit. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving.

Climb your tree. Take your chance. Success is not an accident — it’s

within each of us to create our own destiny. Discover yours, climb

your tree, and reach whatever your “fruit” happens to be

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