Going Through Life with Your Brakes On?

Going Through Life with Your Brakes On?

Have you ever been driving your car and realized that you’d left the emergency brake on? Of course. We all have. But when we discover the brake is on – do we press harder on the gas pedal? Of course not! We simply release the brake.

Going through life is a lot like driving a car. But unfortunately, most people drive through life with their psychological emergency brake on. They hold on to negative images of themselves… or suffer the effects of highly emotional events they haven’t yet released.

To cope, they stay in a comfort zone entirely of their own making – and when they try to achieve their goals, these negative images and pre-programmed comfort zones always cancel out their good intentions no matter how hard they try.

Call them “blocks” or “limiting beliefs” or “being stuck” – but these images and past hurts are nothing more than driving through life with the emergency brake on.

Successful people, on the other hand, continually move beyond their comfort zone – not by using increased willpower, but by replacing their beliefs about themselves and changing their self image.

They release the brakes — and, just like a car, they instantly go faster.

If you’ve discovered that you’ve been recreating the same outcomes, scenarios, experiences and endless loop of not getting what you want, I’d like to help you break free from this downward spiral.

Suddenly, instead of predetermined by an endless cycle of reinforced self-doubt and self-talk, you’re free to pursue your goals with new determination and confidence.

If releasing the brakes is something you need to do, realize that it’s difficult to do by yourself. That’s why I’m happy to help you move beyond these barriers

Posted by Paul Shala I Rep for Neumi

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